A quick question and answer session!


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Roger Moore as Bond fighting Richard Kiel as J...

Roger Moore as Bond fighting Richard Kiel as Jaws inside Atlantis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello my lovelies.

Hows you and all yours?

A few blogs ago, I was suffering with blog block, and I asked you, yes you for help! Where else do you go when you’re desperate! ;-D

Come back! im sorry!!!

The lovely @eddsnotdead replied with a quick set of questions for me to peruse and answer with my best ability, and true to my word here are my replies!

How about five questions to start you off? Take them or leave them.

Read into the questions what you will, go wild, wherever it takes you.

Hope you breach the block soon.

Jack Bauer or James Bond?

To be honest I had to remind myself who Jack Bauer was! Oh Kiefer Sutherland from 24! I didn’t catch any, no not one! The sixes had found lost and were smitten! So for me it has to be James Bond. I’m a lover of sports cars, expensive cocktails, all action men who fall out of helicopters in dinner jackets ready to switch between fantastic lover and fighting machine in 20 seconds, and yes I would giggle when I asked if that a gun in  his pocket or just pleased to see me! In another life I would have loved to been a bond girl, but no ones wants to see my tiger stripes and wobbly belly laid out waiting for Daniel Craig!! I love the movies, I like its Britishness, Roger Moore to me is the iconic Bond, but must say, I’m rather partial to Mr Daniel Craig in his swimsuits!  Any film that has an actual character named pussy galore and gets away with it, gets the thumbs up from me.


Art or science?

This is such a difficult Question. Now Without Science we would be in a lot of trouble. Medicine is my main concern here. I think I can say confidently most of us have been affected by science and its wonders, treatments for cancer, inoculations for our babies, Antibiotics, I could go on. of course I’m a big fan of technology, I cant imagine my life with out the internet. BUT a world without art, *shudders*. You know of my love of music, how one song can lift you, break you, take you back fifteen years. I’ve lost hours in Art galleries, examining brushstrokes of masterpieces. im struggling to answer,but I think my love of art and all it beholds the imagination it stirs into life, without it my life would be dull, ordinary and with out heart. So yeah Art wins!

Pie or cake?

EASY CAKE! X end off!

Tea or Coffee?

My Mr6 makes the best tea, it’s the love he puts init you see that makes it taste better than anybody elses. I love my coffee, I have quite a relationship with my gadgety coffee shop style coffee maker, no I don’t write names on the feckin cups! #rant!

If I had to give up one, it would be Coffee, Mr6 tea has healing properties im sure, I would never scorn his tea for a coffee!


Jack Nicholson or Gene Hackman?

Gene Hackman! Jack Nicholson gives me the creeps! I’ve only see clips from the shining and that was enough for me! I’m a proper wimp when it comes to Horror movies, give me a romcom or comic book hero any day!

So thankyou Ed,

I hope this gave you a little insight into my mind!

As always, thankyou for reading, hey what would you ask me? ” yes, no, maybe, 3.17725 ” if you can guess the quote you get a prize! xxx

All my love Jo x



Never underestimate the power of Twitter.


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The original picture Grandad took.

The original picture Grandad took.

Today the most amazing thing happened, it’s not life changing, no cure for Cancer, I didn’t win an award, I was shown the sheer power of twitter and how wonderful people can really be.

It all started with a picture.

Today wasnt meant to be amazing, in fact I was a little fearful of it. Dred hit my stomach as I woke this morning. MOTHERS,BUILDING FURNITURE, FLAT PACKS, KIDS and worst of all NO INTERNET!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my Mum, but having my brood in her cosy flat whilst we build furniture can be a little frightening, cabin fever kicks in within minutes.

So we arrive and WAYHEY my phone hooks up to Mum’s internet for the first time ever! This is Fantastic! I can tweet,(not that I was getting twitchy or anything that I hadn’t tweeted in an hour, it’s not a problem, I can cope with it, I believe Zamo once said!)

So, I grab a cuppa with Mum,whilst mr6 cracks on with bed building, who am I too get in his way! Grandads old Photo albums are on the dinning table. She’d been trying to locate all the places he had visited, photographed on his many beloved Coach trips which he so treasured to partake in the 50s-70s.

Mum had been using one of grandads guide books to Great Britain to try to identify unfamiliar places. Did I recognise the place? Mr6 and I took a few guesses, it had a cathedral in the background and Being a fan of Gothic/classic architecture we have visited a few. But no real positive Id.

I have an idea (lightbulb)


They might know, someone might recognise it, although taken back in the 60s. Picture taken on my phone, a 140 character plea and I hit the post button.

BUZZ, BUZZ, oh cool a couple of tweeter have retweeted.

BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, my most retweets ever awesome.


Oh my god, twitters gone crazy with Retweets, and mentions.

Various place names get banded about, conversations start. I’m cross referencing with google, Mr6 gets involved as Canterbury is mention numerous times. But he confirms with a no, im surprised he remembers his university town, he obviously wasnt doing it right.

BUZZ,BUZZ, BUZZ…. its goes on, Real people taking time out of their day to look places up on Wikipedia, google maps cross referencing the old picture with new St views, new conversations going off on new tangents. May I point out to none tweeters, these are mostly people who don’t know me, have any vested interest in my life, just doing it out of kindness, being helpful and trying to shine a little light to brighten someones day.

Then Bingo I get a tweet from @hughmunguz (yeah made me giggle too!)

“Gloucester Cathedral. Taken from St. Oswalds ruins. The Pelican pub now at the end of those cottages, tis where I grew up.”

You can’t get better verification than that. With that more confirmed tweets come flooding in, with people still retweeting the initial post and STILL conversations buzzing around the ether, all sparked by that one post.

Then another tweet comes in, im having trouble keeping up,whilst barking at the kids, and holding bits of bed with one hand and typing with the other. I am woman , these things do come easy!

@Mulbers (again not a follower of mine, picture seen by RT, amazing in its self I think) sends me this tweet: “Gloucester cathedral, Just down the Rd from me see….” and posted a google maps image of the same st.


Again someone who lives there, fantastic. Mum is thrilled to have a positive id on Grandads picture, but more so, she was amazed at the speed of our search and its responses, where was all this coming from, what website was I using, how was I getting all the information?

Twitter, just Twitter, not some clever location website that examines old pics. Just the good will of people, real people with real busy lives, but too five minutes of their day to help you mum, to make you smile. My Grandparents are not around to tell the tale, but you twitter have filled in gaps, given Mum and I information, an insight into the lives of our Grand/parents we no longer have access to.

Then my favourite tweet of all, from @Mulbers (simply) ” and here it is today, with a picture taken today, in the exact same position my Grandad George would have stood in 40 or so years ago to take his picture, the same view image stares up from the screen before me of how that picture looks today. Amazing.@Mulbers picture of same shot 40years on

Mum is thrilled.

Someone ive never met, without motive, takes time out of their day, their walk to the shops to take that picture, sharing the power that Twitter holds . They didn’t have too, they could have ignored the tweet, but they did and I THink that’s an incredible thing. Showing that people can care just for a moment about someone elses life, making an impact and I thankyou.

See, Ive been to Gloucester with my family a few years ago, but didn’t recognise it! I was pregnant at the time and very poorly with morning sickness, moving my eyes made me vomit! But I never knew my Grand father had visited and photographed it, now I do and it feels like a complete journey now. My Grandad and I have shared a love of a place, and now delighted in the same picture, even if we didn’t have the chance to do so whilst he was still alive, and again I thank YOU TWITTER. XXXX

Heres the original tweet, 157 retweets! it unfathomable! I get a lot of stick about my love of twitter and the love of my twitter friends. Often seen as a bit of a mutual lovin.Today its shown it kindness and how many decent people are knocking around its corridors. We should take this with us and use it in our every day life. Give someone five minutes of your precious time and they will never forget you and what you did.

A fabulous twitter friend @OOK_Librarian asked did I get a response to my picture tweet, and I told him of your greatness, which in turn another great twitter buddy of mine @eddsnotdead responded with ” which proves not only that you are awesome,(blushes, but hey, who am I to argue!) but that twitter and its users are too.I couldn’t have put it better my self.

Id like to thank all those who responded to my plea, too many to mention, you are all stars x

Thankyou for taking the time to read my tale

untill the next time you inspire me

all my love as always Jo xxx

The original tweet and all its stats!!

Blog block


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So how you been?

Its me Jomakessix, you remember, i used to blog about stuff, family, husband, going to the dentist!

IS it coming back now, now, the mad red-head one who rambles about twitter a lot!

YES! Thats me!

Yeah so its been a long time hasn’t it.

So Did Father Christmas bring you all you wanted? He forgot My diamonds again this year and the blank cheque book! I’ve written a letter of complaint to the head elf, expressing my concern that I really don’t know how to be any better behaved!

I think that maybe his spies are really rather good, you know 007 good, and ive been rumbled and on the never gonna get your diamonds list!!

Anyway, Christmas has been and gone, it was great to see it, and I miss its cosines but not the surrounding chaos. So it brings us to the new yr. I don’t make resolutions,  my brain can take that much disappointment three months down the line.

So what do I blog about? you know im not sure.

I still tweet rather a lot and still enjoy the company, laughs, and twitter crushes that comes with it. I’ve even asked Twitter to suggest some blog ideas and they’ve been brilliant suggestions, but my brain doesn’t seem to work as i put my fingers on the keys, nothing happens, the screen remains the same, white and staring back at me waiting. Still nothing.

I’ve started to type a few blogs, the scrap them under too rude, too personal and just plain shit!

I sometimes wonder if I should have an anonymous blog, so I can type with fluidity not having to watch what I type, not wanting to offend or cause issues! ill stop there!

So I have Blog block, do I blame our life being on s little quiet side, we’ve been out in our best undies, that was brilliant! you wont be too surprised to find out I found it quite liberating and cant wait to do it again! It’s the first time ive seen The Rocky Horror show at the theatre and what a blast! Everyone really threw themselves into the night the costumes were magnificent, ive never seen so many tiny gold hot pants in my life!

So what now?

Do i have an imaginary torrid affair, set off sail to discover my self just so I can blog about it? Probably not the best ideas ive ever had, tempting nope nope, im going to throw the baton to you.

What would you like to see me blog about?

Should I just read some books, watch some films, or would you rather throw 20 questions at me.

so over to you, answers on a postcard please! xxxxxxxx

(That is until the torrid affair or long rd trip!!!)

loads of love, cant wait to hear your ideas

Always yours Jo x x x x


The sixes day of Christmas


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A Six tradition

Hi again. How have you been? The Six household has been very busy; I shall endeavour to tell you why……to enjoy this post to the maximum please play this whilst reading !or any other of the tracks highlighted in the text!

It’s the October half term, and the Sixes have a now long standing tradition. We have a day of Christmas. Now, before you all close the page with a bah humbug and rants about Consumerism, let me explain.

INSERT YOUR OWN TIME WARP NOISE HERE…. Its 2001, it’s the October half term and we take a day trip out to a local arts and crafts centre ( where in fact we got engaged two years earlier)They had their Christmas decorations up, and Mr6 and I share a big love for the festive season and couldn’t resist buying a decoration each for the three of us. Then on the way home, we decided that that day would be a great day to bake the Christmas cake, as they need time to mature and be fed with brandy!

So there you go, there started the Tradition. The next October came around again, and this time we allowed ourselves to have Christmas music on at home whilst we made the cake again after buying decorations. It kinda puts the magic into the atmosphere and thus into the cake! We then snuggled down that evening to a Christmas movie; I do believe it was it’s a wonderful life.
I don’t think there is a better feel good Christmas movie ever made.

The Years move on, we get married and have another baby, but every October the cake was baked, decorations brought, music and dvds enjoyed. We now even have a newer car with a cd player which enabled us to take the Christmas music with us!! Oh the looks we get as we pull into the garden centre car park with Christmas tunes blaring out the car with added bad singing thrown into the mix. But you know what, who cares! We are not doing anything wrong, were not cashing in to Christmas, we are taking all its values and holding onto them for one more day. We unite as a family; get excited together; enjoy everybody’s decoration purchases. I love the eclectic look of my tree knowing that each decoration holds something special to each person, reflects their personalities and although a heady mix it represents unity, family, love and togetherness.

The decorations we have all brought today will stay wrapped up in their paper until the first of December when they are unwrapped again and the children delight again in their purchases. We of course have other decorations we have brought on our travels, and each one holds a special memory for its owner.

So today it’s that day again, we’ve all chosen new decs, mine are mostly owls as I collect them. I always enjoy watching the children’s taste’s change over the years and they are never predictable! They don’t care about colour schemes and trends they just go with their hearts and what delights them. This year the lad made a bee line for a little china train which made us all laugh as he’s obsessed with trains! We have a budget each so no over spending is allowed unless it’s completely divine and I can’t possibly live without in my life!

We’ve sang our hearts out to The Darkness played air guitar to
Mike Oldfield in dulci jubilo
and the kids sang every word to I want an alien for Christmas!

The cake is made, each taking a turn to stir and make a wish, whilst I play Christmas music to put the magic in the cake. My favourite is Prokofievs Troika can’t beat it ! The Aroma has been spicy and warm and made us cosy whilst we all snuggle down to watch family six favourite, Elf. Which might just be accompanied with a mince pie or two? And the family six are just a bit excited about the upcoming season, embracing the change in temperature and the kids are allowed, just for tonight, a Christmas story, just to fire up their imagination and build the excitement just a little more.

Now I can guess what you are thinking, how do we bring the kids back down from the ceiling? Well to be honest, they do it themselves, they know tomorrow is just a normal day and Christmas is a way away yet, they are just a little more excited about it but now they have that Christmas feeling floating in their bellies and makes their lives a little more special.

You see that’s what’s it’s all about, not the decs or the cake; it’s the good feeling it produces, its togetherness and knowing that they can take that feeling with them for the next few months and keep them warm inside when maybe things aren’t all that easy to get through.

I wish you all an early Merry Christmas and I hope that maybe you will start a little family tradition of your own that brings you all together and gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Until next time my loves… Jo xxx

Ps I’m off to watch Love Actually – it’s one of my favourites! x heres my favourite bit



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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the colours of the leaves are changing around us, the world in my mind is becoming a little more magical for just a few weeks. Take a few steps outside and you are instantly surrounded by changing colour, spectacular light, and a feeling of change.

Autumn is upon us people, it my favourite time of year, I welcome it every year like an old friend returning home. I love everything about it. I think, being a red head, I have a certain affinity with autumn. Picture if you will.

The sun is low; a slight crisp breeze is blowing. The trees glow with reds, oranges as the sun light shines through them like precious stones glinting in the light. Leaves slowly tumble in the wind, floating down to earth, nature’s own scarlet confetti. The leaves crunch under booted feet, delighting in the satisfying crunch, long flowing purple material of a warm dress playfully catches the leaves as she walks down nature’s aisle. The light hits her hair and it glows with reds and oranges, reflecting the trees around her. They walk together in harmony, basking in the day’s glory.

A little romantic yes, but autumn stirs this in me. I think if you are really honest with yourself, this picture isn’t too hard to imagine when you think of autumn.

This time of year excites me; I feel it suits me best. I love nothing more than a flowing skirt, leather boots, cosy knits, gloves, and all the autumnal colours that go with the season. It’s an exciting time of year for the sixes. We embrace it. We home cook more: soups bread, cakes, helping our winter blubber along the way (well it is getting colder!) I’m ready to say good bye to summer, the constant worry of hats, sun cream, and I DON’T LIKE THE HEAT! I welcome the cooler days, time to wrap up warm.

Autumn is sexy, you heard me SEXY! Who doesn’t day dream about getting frisky on fluffy rugs in front of log fires, and hey it’s going to be a big strong armed burly man, (certain to be shirtless as well) to chop all that wood! AHEM! Where was I, insert your own hot flush here! But I think you get my gist!

As you know (if you’re one of my regular readers) music plays an important part in my life and after thinking about this blog, I have come to see that I have a lot of autumnal music. One of my favourite albums is called OCTOBER RUST by TYPE O NEGATIVE, with tracks like green man. Its whole inlay is covered with pictures of autumn leaves and trees. I’ve linked the picture to you tube for your listening pleasure. P.S. the first minute is silent!

Other album musts on an Autumnal playlist are;


    Another big thing about autumn is that it brings the family six together. As soon as the summer holidays are over, the children hark on about how they can’t wait for the October half term and we can have our day of Christmas! Yes you heard right, the sixes have a whole day of Christmas during half term. It has become a tradition that started when we first married and I baked the Christmas cake in the October, followed by a drive out, and ended up buying a Christmas decoration each. And it’s stuck. Every October half term, we pick a day; we drive to our favourite craft centre and garden centre sound tracked with every Christmas cd available. We each choose a decoration for the tree, have lunch out, and come home. Then I make the cake with Christmas music adding the essential magic to the mix (every one stirs the mix for extra magic) then we all snuggle down to watch our favourite Christmas movies (another blog!) whilst the smell of the Christmas cake fills the house, and excitement builds.

    Autumn also brings out the frustrated photographer in me, but since the fabulous Instagram has been released I have an outlet for my novice skills. I try desperately to capture the light in the trees and the colour it has to offer.


I hope I have convinced you of my love for autumn and how its magic never fails to captivate me and my imagination.

I’d love to know how the season affects you, does it inspire or fill you will dread, with the thought of winter on its way. Let me know. As always much love, take an autumn walk for me and enjoy its majesty. Jo x

Ps I hope you like the pictures, all taken on my Iphone.


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Tonight Ive rebloged. A blog that touched me when it was published. This weekend, my thoughts drew back to this post, someone I now consider to be a friend has lost the love for twitter, and no longer posting. I will genuinely miss their tweets durring the day, silly chats, and words of calm when I needed them. They were’nt a big player on twittter, not that this matters at all, but a really genuine person who became my friend, who I will miss durring the day. Maybe one day they will find their way back. This might sound stupid to some, but this is how twitter efects many, forming great friendships.
I know a big tweeter has also left twitter this week and he will be sorely missed by thousands. He touched many of our lives and a true friend to many. I didnt knew him too well, but still will miss his tweets and interactions.
Enough of my words, here are some that truely say it all ! Thanks Ook, wonderful blog.
Thanks for reading, love as always JO X

OOKs Thoughts

Yesterday I lost a Twitter follower, for justifiable and very admirable reasons, in fact this follower left Twitter. At the risk of sounding over dramatic, the follower wasn’t called Lyra Belacqua, but I think I now have a better understanding of how Will Parry felt when the knife was broken in the Oxford Botanic Gardens..

Now I’ve lost followers before probably due to something I Tweeted, but this particular loss felt inexplicably emotional, and was a really poignant moment. So it got me thinking about the emotional links we develop with people who in reality we don’t know, and using technology are able to share ideas with. Surely it must take more than 140 characters to get to know someone?

I find one of the greatest things about Twitter is that we are so diverse, I could not hope in a hundred lifetimes to meet and share thoughts, events and lives…

View original post 275 more words


I’ll show you mine


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Hi, so no prizes today for guessing todays Blog topic ! I thought as we know each other quite well now, we could get a little more personal, and I’d share my tattoo’s with you, you lucky lot !

Tattoo’s are something ive always wanted, and as soon as I was old enough, off I went ! I remember the day very clearly. I was in college, had finished my lectures for the day, (I think !) Id been chatting with a good friend of mine in the local student coffee house, deliberated for a bit, then took the sod it approach and off to the local tattoist I hot footed.

Now the choice is agonising. keep in mind I was a student, my budget would have been small, so that ruled out a fair few. Ink isnt a cheap hobby,this is probably a good thing, as it probably stops a lot of on a whim tattoos !

I flicked through the pages of tattoos ready to choose from, animals, symbols, flowers, tribal, fantasy, i loved them all. I selected, felt happy and my name was called. Now it must have been a quiet day, as now a days its unheard of just to be able to walk in without an appointment.

I sat down, gave my choice, selected its position and away the tattooist went. Yeah it was painful, but its a strange pain. you feel it in different places around your body. the outline is the hardest bit, it kind of has a cutting sensation. When filling in the colour, its more buzzy and prickly. BUT it kinda feels good ! don’t ask me why, but it does, any of you who have tattoo’s will probably concur ! speak up now, don’t make me look like a freak !!

so hers the result…. and yeah I had a Rose, when leaving my friend in the coffee-house, she made me promise I wouldn’t get a rose, but it was just so delicate, I loved it !You’re the one who has to live with it.. and please choose wisely, they dont rub off !my kids have tried washing mine off plenty of times !

Sorry its a little dark, its faded a little, well it was nearly 20 yrs ago !I had to edit it !

So we move on a year on, and I’m a the bath and west bike rally, with the biker boyfriend, and in one of the shed thingy, the tantalising buzz of the tattooist needle can be heard. I wont tell you what i had done, because it was so bad, I had it covered up a few years later. It bloody hurt that night though, sleeping in a tent on hard ground, not advisable ! I did flash it around that night though by the camp fire, I thought the raised eyebrows were from me flashing my thigh, it didn’t take me long to realise it was the crap tattoo raising eyebrows !

insert time warp noise and sequence here and take us another year on, id decided to have more ink now every birthday! I’m now living in London and for the love of me I can’t remember where i had the next tattoo done !! I wasnt drunk,( I don’t know of any tattooist that will ink you when drunk) I just can’t remember ! No recollection, of when, how or why I chose the next one! I guess this tells you as much as you need to know about my wonderful few years in London!!

This Is it…. if anyone remembers tattooing this on a 20yr old in the Croydon area id be really grateful !! It’s not the most inventive or outrageous, but I like it! Having your thigh tattooed is quite pleasant, when the top of it was being done, I felt it in my lower back !

Step into our phone box again, and fast forward another year. This time im 21 and I can remember get this one done. It was in the centre of Croydon, just down from BEANOS music store. I wanted some thing big, but that coordinated with the other leg, as this time I wanted my left thigh done. This one was a biggy, and I was lucky to get it done it just one sitting. I fell asleep whilst having the colours done, it’s the whole pleasure-pain thing(who’s raising eyes now !) I find it both invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. And I guess im comfortable at having my arse out too ! well it’s not a bad one, especially when I was 21 ! After a few drinks, I have been known to get my arse out again..purley for art so people can appreciate the beauty and needle strokes of my inked thighs !

So for your eyes only… here’s the last one I had done for MY 21ST..hope you like it. I’m hoping to have another done soon. I hope to design my own, any ideas people ?

I’m not going to talk about people’s attitudes towards Tattoo’s but, please don’t judge people by what they’ve done to their skin. I’ve had surprised looks when people find out ive been inked, and once when staying in a posh hotel, I was using the Spa, a women come up to me, saying ” are staff allowed to use the pool !” when I explained I wasnt staff, and a guest, she flustered her way out by saying, I must understand the mix up, it’s not the sort of hotel I would expect to see people with tattoo’s. Surely its whats on the inside of us that counts?

Any one spot the cover up yet !!

Are you inked,how many and what do you have ? I’ve shown you mine …. will you show me yours !! xx

till next time lovelies xx Jo xxx


Tea through a straw


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Tonight I’m drinking tea through a straw. Ive been to the dentist you see, and my mouth now feels like its been drilled by a rather horrid metal device, Oh wait it has !
Last week after having the first sip of hot tea of the day brought to me in bed by my darling hubby, a searing pain went through me, and I knew then, this day would come.
I made a prompt appointment and was seen by my dentists, who wanted to do a root canal on that Friday, NO ! I shrieked, I have a cake to Make ! Telling this to your dentist doesn’t seem to go down well, as your sat in their chair asking them to fix a tooth that probably too much cake has destroyed ! After being frowned at for a second or two, I explained that it was my husbands 40th birthday party the next day, and I was expecting any thing between 50-80 people and I needed a cake of course !
So they relented and said I could wait till the Monday after and go and make cake. I promised to make it with fairy dust and not real tooth rotting sugar and leapt out of the chair.
But today I was back. The dentist told me to lie back whilst they numbed it, I thought this was rather forward of them, must be a new relaxation technique! then we they approached me with a big fecking needle, I realised what exactly they had meant !!
Then the drilling, now the high pitched drill I can take. Whilst lying back today, the thought crossed my mind that it sounded like tiny fairies having a real good time if you get my drift, so this is what fairy orgasms sound like ! It made me relax and nearly giggle so it worked for me.
But then, but then, the GRINDER ! The big fecker, that feels like its going to drill through to your brain, that if your face doesn’t shatter into a million pieces first ! Your bones shake, your brain vibrates, or shakes freely about if your me. Can they not Make this tool sound better, come up with a new method to do this kind of drilling. I think it dentist punishing you for harming your pearly whites and they do an evil silent laugh whilst you squeeze your eyes tight shut, so so don’t catch there eye. Meeting someone’s eye that close to your face is just odd ! Thank god they have those face masks on, I don’t want to look up their nostrils thanks, I’m struggling to keep my gag reflex under control as it is !
Then it’s over, they’ve shoved some white dressing stuff back in the tooth, that sounds like boots walking on thick snow, as it get impacted in your failing tooth, you rinse the rest of the crap out, give them back there special glasses, wipe the really attractive drool from your face, and walk out trying to say thank you, (when really you just want to kick them in the shin’s a little)
Then you make your next appointment.
This is done, purely for the humour now of the receptionist, who know that you’ve got to be seen in two weeks, but makes you say it anyways, as they know you can’t talk properly, as your mouth has less movement than Joan rivers face after a fresh dose of Botox ! Then after repeating time scale four times, your next appointment is booked, you can get out of there.
But then if your like me, you will humiliate yourself just a little bit more, whilst you attempt to re apply lipstick, (that was wiped off by the dentist charming latex gloves) whilst having no feeling at all In your lips and just hoping that you are hitting the right place and not going to walk out of there looking more like Coco the clown than Coco Chanel ! And finally you leave to the sound of stifled laughter from the receptionist, and your sure you heard them say coco the clown under their breath.
So now I’m home, the numbness is wearing off and my mouth and face feel battered, constantly scared I’m going to knock the bloody thing out, soup for tea then. My lips are still a little numb and I struggle not to dribble, so hubby produces my tea with a straw ! It’s genius, the straw takes the hot fluid away from the sensitive tooth, and stops me dribbling it back out of my numb mouth. God I’m so attractive right now, come in admit it you would right now right ! So hopefully this does the trick in two weeks or I’LL BE BACK , and have to go through the same bloody thing Again !
Speak to you again soon my lovelies, Jo x

Traffic island discs


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I’ve been really busy, what with the kids being off and dad being in hospital, it’s addled my brain.
Stringing two coherent sentences together has been an impossibility. Thoughts wont stick, constant distractions interrupt any idea, only to be lost into the wilderness.
So what do I do?
What did I do ?
I asked twitter !
So thanks to @eddsnotdead i have today’s blog.

Now I love my car, it’s not particularly flash, I’ve asked Mr6 for various sports cars with a resounding NO left ringing in my ears. I’m very particular with my car, wipe the widows with a cloth and watch me explode ! It leaves fecking streaks you bastard
I’d rather the kids didn’t eat in it – the lad gets away with it, as it’s the car I run him around in, in the week, don’t tell the others! They can trash the people carrier not my car !!
I even let Mr6 drive MY car ! Along as he’s really careful with him ! Yes my cars a boy !
But one rule, one thing that must be in my car is MY CDS

My car is my bubble, my personal metal pod. I try and get out alone in my car a few times a week, with no kids, distractions, just me. As you by now are probably aware, music is very important to me and driving tunes are carefully selected. They all have different moods, ambience, tempos, a cd for every mood.

So straight from my car here is my cd collection and what they mean to me.

In no particular order

Dead can dance a passage in time
Enchanting vocals, and an eclectic mix of world and medieval music. This Cd instantly transports me to far off places, ancient princesses with tales of lost loves and woes.

The Black Keys Brothers
Got into these through the twilight franchise, their deep south tones resonate through. Sit me in a bar with a cold Budweiser! Listening to these sexy vocals gives me thrills !

Kings of Leon only by the night
Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, get my drift, NO ! seeeeexxxxxxxx !

Scott Matthews passing stranger . What the night delivers
Oh Scott ! This man’s wistful vocals and melodies calm my mind my soul and stroke my cares away while he sings softly in my ear ! My heart skips beats listening to his stories.

Dylan Moran what it is live
Mr6 says Dylan is the male Me ! Grumpy, foul mouthed and fucking hate everything and everybody ! I have his scorn and fury ! ( yes really ) I’m not this nice in real life ! So yes I find his dark humour hilarious. Never fails to make me smile !

Fyfe Dangerfield Fly yellow moon
We all know of my love for Fyfe, this isn’t his best work, but it has an innocence, a purity that any singer song writer would die for. I sing along very loudly imaging he’s singing to me ! This album can lift me from any mood.

Fleet Foxes helpless blues,Fleet foxes
Floaty melodies, tales of journeys, distant friends, a very autumnal feel, takes me off to watch the leaves change as I come down from the cool mountain air. How I’d love to see these guys live, but only if they played in a forest somewhere.

Bon Iver For Emma, forever ago
Another soul soothing, and a little soul searching cd. Queasy folk music, ideal to park up and watch the waves too.

guiLLeMoTs through the windowpane,em>; Red, walk the river.
Oh God ! Where do I start !! Each album holds a special place for me. Windowpane is how I discovered them, at a very difficult time, it takes me through all emotions in one hit, I’ll cry, long for embracess, then it lifts me with an impatient “lets grab the world by it balls and tear it up”!
Red, is a very sexy album, full of unfulfilled desires, going onto reflective mood. Fyfe’s vocals on this make me shiver. I bloody love these guys. They can get you dancing like a loon, then crying in your beer ! X

My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For sweet Revenge,
The Black Parade, Danger days, the true lives of the fabulous killjoys
Now, after seeing these guys live twice now, they never fail to excite me, belt some tunes out, and make me feel a bit younger again, as sad as that sounds I don’t care. They have humour, heart and great rock tunes to let go too. Makes me wanna drop everything and gig till next week !

Type O NEgative October rust bloody kisses
Goth Doomsters ! Petes down right filthy low vocals vibrate right through me, another autumnal cd, I want to dye my hair, don a velvet cloak and walk the woods searching for that tragic love. A real awakening for me, discovered at a goth club, gave me confidence to be me.
They day Peter Steele died, I sobbed and it was only two years ago. He helped me through a lot. I was lucky enough to see them live and it will stay with me always. RIP Peter x

The Darkness Permission to land
Say what you like about them, but this album rocks, fantastic shrieking vocals, guitar solos, swearing, rock ballads. It makes me wanna be in a big mosh out in the middle of a festival flashing my boobs for the big screen so there !! X

twilight soundtracks new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn
I love the films, I love the music. A great mix, and introduced me to a lot of bands. I love how they transport me back to the excitement of the movies and make me want to go vampire hunting ! X

Muse Black holes and Revelations The Resistance
Spiralling rifs, reaching vocals. Space ships, westerns, love, revolution. These guys can take you anywhere and give determination to a failing mind.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Raising Sand
My love of country is captured by these two, from a god of rock, to story telling cowboy. A real heartbreaker.

Tori Amos little Earthquakes
A real definitive album for me. Her songs read like poetry, courage beams through, took me through my late teens. A real inspiration x

Prince Diamond and Pearls Hits 1 and 2
An important album this one. Can’t say why but it is.

Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions
Gets you belting the tunes out, puts fire in the belly a great rock great.

Jeff Buckley Grace
Jeff Jeff Jeff, haunting, beautiful, tragic, masterpiece. This cd, breaks hearts, mends them, and breaks them again. It’s just a pure love for this album. His vocals sooth, even jar sometimes, but such greatness and so tragic it was his only fully finished album.

Mediæval Babes Worlds Blysse
Wonderful floaty, chanting in middle English vocals, takes me to castles, I’m wearing floaty dresses, again in an autumnal forest ( noticing a theme here, it the red hair, it just goes so well with autumn!)

Florence and the machine Lungs
I find this a real angry album, a real fist puncher, and wonderfully wicked lyrics, watch out if I’m playing this one, I’m probably out to get you ! X

The mighty Boosh complete radio series
This radio series, never fails to make me laugh, and want to visit their dysfunctional Zoo ! Noel and Julian pull out the weird and wonderful in me. Saw them live too ! X

I want a Helichopper

George Michael ladies and gentleman
My first crush ! His smooth voice, it’s just him, me a piano in a seedy jazz club with the bar man cleaning glasses. Got it good.

chilled Ibiza/strong>;; various artist complication
I live near the beach, but still constantly crave sunsets sand, time alone walking along the shore, so with this album, I’m there.

So that’s my cd collection for MY car. Any that you have in there ? What are your driving tunes of choice? Would love to hear about yours.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Love always Jo x