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The time is 6.30 am and we’re on the rd again.,

Back to the big smoke and this time not to see a band ( well that’s a first!)

This is my mothers day present; thanks kids and Mr6 as I expect he’s the one who bought the tickets! If it was the kids then I’m paying them too much pocket money.

 We are off to spend the day at the Tower of London then off to see Les Miserables at the Queens theatre. I’m a relatively new fan to Les Mis.; yes I am one of those who latched on to the phenomenon after watching Hugh Jackman  and Russel Crowe in the film adaptation. So no I’m not a purist but no less a fan! I’ve watched the films countless times and know it word for word. Fallen in love with Jean Valjean , Javert and,go on then, Maurice too! Cried with every death, felt my heart swell and spirit soar with the voices of angry men singing for their revolution!

The road trip up is slow and we arrive at Hammersmith at 10.30 am. We’ve decided to vist the Tower as for all the time I lived in and around London it was one place I never visited.

We travel to The Tower easily enough.  I should say now I’m on crutches after a knee operation! Being slow in London is never wise right! People move so fast, the last thing they want to encounter is a country bumpkin on crutches.

I was blown away by the presence of The Tower,  as stupid as it sounds I NEVER EXPECTED it to be so big. You see the iconic white tower all the time in the media but I guess you fit the rest in in one clean shot.

Now you might have spotted the fatal flaw in our plan….. The Tower and surrounding castle rooms HAVE A LOT OF STEPS!!!!!!! Genius! You know what though, we were having such a wonderful day together we saw the funny side and decided it was extreme physio. The bit that annoyed me the most was the bloody noise the crutches made on the floor with every step! It was like being stalked by Long John bloody Silver .

We explored every room , soaked in all the history our brains would allow and had a a fabulous on site lunch of venison! Well when in the presence of kings and queens you might as well eat as one!

We head up to the centre of London  to meet a good friend who works for the BBC. We meet for a quick cuppa.  It’s fun to see the news room from the TV in full swing behind you whilst you sup on a nice cup of tea! 

Back into the throng we go.. we have an hour till curtains up and we’re starving. Luckily right opposite the theatre is an all you can eat chinease buffet! perfect! Think I must’ve been rather excited cause I couldn’t manage the one plate.

It’s  time!

The theatre is heaving, not a free seat in the house.  We’re up in the gods, again more bloody stairs!! We planned this really well! So with a hobble and a hop we make it to the top and take our seats!

Mr6 disappears and comes back with a bag of goodies! Les Mis T shirt, latte mug, programs and M&Ms!  The man did good! 

From the second the curtain went up I was hooked – each scene played out to perfection. I laughed at the landlord, cried with Eponine and my heart did echo the beat of angry drums with the young men of the revolution! The battle scene at the baricade is astounding and so well choreographed.
Now being in the gods, I let my imagination run free and of course the actors on stage are magnificent…in my head I’m watching Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe Et Al! I get so involved I think I could fling my self over the edge whilst shouting Vive La France!!!

Then the end… It’s over… I’m crying,… The audience is crying…most are on the their feet (frankly I’m quite cross that everyone wasn’t! Outrage!)
I’m done, emotionally drained.
And already begging MR6 for yearly tickets!

We make our way through busy London night. We chuckle as we expect it to be dead as its past 10pm and then remember we’re not back home and Londoners have a later bed time than the rest of us!

Back to the car and ready for the long drive home..

3.30 am back home in bed, tired but not enough for it to dampen the day.
Thank you Mr6 for the best day I’ve had in a little while. It’s great to remind ourselves we are a couple in a loving relationship who need quality time together. It helps you remember who you fell in love with.

We’ve made a little animato for you too! 

Our day in pictures 

See you soon