*shouts into the dark abyss.
Is anyone still there?

It’s me, Jo, six, Rose, choose a persona,I answer to all.
It’s been a while. I feel like we’re on a first date. I’m nervous, feeling awkward and talking to my feet.

One minute I was writing a blog, being suitably addicted to twitter, when I had this (some May say stupid) idea of starting my own business. The blog was abandoned.

But I’m back.
Will you have me back?
See I can’t sleep.
I’ve been thinking about writing again, I miss you, our interaction, and watching my brain splurge all over the page.

I’ve been kept awake by many things lately, and I’ve found myself muttering the beginnings of blogs, titles, funny little openers. So maybe it’s time to pick up the virtual pen again.
Maybe it’ll help me sleep? Most likely it’s going to give me something to do whilst I try and sleep.

Here’s to new beginnings.
Love as always Jo
*tries to remover how to post this damn thing?! X