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Hey, how are we doing? Me? Yeah, I’m good. Well Actually I’ve been a bit up and down, blue you might say. No don’t go; this isn’t going where you think it is!

See when im feeling a bit discombobulated and yearning for an unknown something, I turn to Vampires to perk me up, to shift my discombulations back into place.

Today was such a day; a mountain of ironing faced me, my Fibro is bad and I’m feeling defunked.
I put a DVD on to help kill the monotony and perk my mood.
My screen is filled with a familiar green/blue hue.  There’s a score that tingles down my spine and an increase in my heartbeat.

Yeah I’m watching the first (and my favourite) Twilight. NO WAIT – DONT GO! IM NOT JUST A TWILIGHT FAN. I’M A VAMPIRE FAN!

Now, I’ve been a fan of vampires ever since my first cinematic experience watching the film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire. This when I first realised Vampires had an allure I hadn’t seen before. Now I never fancied Tom Cruise, but now found my self drawn and attracted to his character Lestat. Now we can’t ignore Brad Pitt is in this movie, but the appeal wasn’t there as much. Yes, he looked hot, but Lestat had the edginess and was the more believable, ruthless killer. Isn’t that what a Vampire is meant to be?
When in my first (and final year) of English literature A level, we had to study Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which just so happened to coincide with the movie release of the new film version starring Gary Oldman.

I wasn’t the avid reader that I am now, so this was great. I could see the movie and skim the book! I could not see the appeal of Dracula, this old dude luring young ladies, ewwww its all a bit grim. But then I saw the film. SMITTEN! My heart pounded as Dracula took to the streets of London and seduced the young Mina. His voice casting a spell of its own, the way he moved, touched her gently but with so much passion. Needles to say, I went home and read that book with new hunger and savoured every word.

This is where I met the Vampire love triangle. Love triangles and vampires seem to go hand in hand. The delicate mortal torn between her human love interest and her immortal, with all the temptation he can bring.
So what makes the vampire so tempting. What has made the vampire genre so popular, with a firm place in our beating hearts and ingrained into our psyche. Why do we love them so much?

Ok we don’t have to think to hard! Lets state the obvious.  They are usually hotter than a hot day in the desert!
Most girls want to be wanted by one, and boys want to be like them. I think if you look a little into that dark spot in your brain, you will agree.
As a woman now in my thirties, I now have to train hard to keep my figure in check. I would love some hot unbreakable dude to offer me immortality at 19.  The lure of eternal youth, a flat stomach, pert boobs and never having to worry about how much cake and booze I had stuffed in my face over the weekend is one I could not resist.
I’m being blatantly honest here, I’m vain and aging scares me. So the appeal of someone being able to stop that is tangible.
Now we need to mention here that I want bad ass vampires; ones that would rip the neck out of any one that wronged you in a heartbeat.  None of this I’m going vegetarian rubbish! I don’t buy it! That’s what they are. The whole horror of it.  That’s the thrill of being chosen by one; that you’re the one they’ve decided to protect. Give me bad ass on the outside whilst worshipping you like a Goddess on the inside.
Now, we all know my love of Edward Cullen, so I’m not being a hypocrite here. Yes I wish he was a bit more bad, displayed a little more of his vampire side, eaten some of the Forks students at lunch time, whilst still looking deep and pained in the canteen! Edward Cullen doesn’t embrace his vampire side.  He wants to turn it off for Bella. That’s not to say though I don’t love him completely and would offer my neck up in an undead heartbeat! And yeah, I  bloody love it when he sparkles!

Edward Cullen

PSST! That bit in Twilight when he tries to see how strong he can be, and only kisses her… BALLS! They so would have done! Never bought that bit, but the books and films would have been a lot shorter!
I asked Twitter its opinion on vampires, who was their fave and why. I got so many varied answers. Some I’d never heard of, some old classics.  Vincent Price’s Dracula still chills me to the bone. The Lost Boys headed up by Kieffer Sutherland’s David, and Buffy’s Spike among so many others. I tweeted “not many takers for Twilight then”  and one of my favourite quotes of the night came from @foreverFiesty:   ” The BOOKS made me fall in love with the character; Rpatz just added to the lust!”
Sums Twilight up perfectly. We fell in love with him, his blood lust, then love for her. We wanted to be her. I wanted that relationship! Who wouldn’t have wanted that to happen to them at high school! It’s the ultimate fantasy. And again we see the love triangle take main stage, only this time with the toned torso that is the 108 degree hot werewolf! Jesus! I should have been more clumsy at school! How many hotties fawning over her does she want?!

Edward’s not my perfect vampire – but he’s in my top three! Oh yeah, I keep a list! Don’t you??!!

*puts on best radio voice* in at number two is ……….

Damon Salvatore.
You may know him from The TV series The Vampire Diaries, adapted from a book series by L.J SMITH.
Why is he my number two? Simple. He’s volatile, still firstly and foremost a Vampire. YES, he’s smoking hot and knows it! He embraces his immortality.  Damon uses his sexual allure to his advantage, uses his vampire powers to get what he wants and not always for the right reasons. Damon’s got THAT edge, still thirsts for blood and is quite happy about it! He’s still ripping out the throats of those who piss him off. He’s still dangerous and that’s thrilling and is what a vampire should do!
And then, there is that side of him that will release the inner goddess most of us fail to see that we have buried deep inside us.Damon Salvatore Wallpaper

*radio voice again*






To me, he is everything a vampire should be. He’s smokin hot and not afraid to rip apart any human or vampire that makes the ill judgment of crossing him. Eric is  intelligent, has a voice as smooth as honey but with a quiet dark undertone  that leaves you trembling (not sure from fear or lust, probably both). And he has FANGS! Something that my other top two neglect to have.
Again we come back to the lust thing. You know that man is gonna be good. Hey, vampires have stamina, strength, speed, and hundreds of years experience. Let’s face it; who’s not going to want that?!
Eric would protect you, fight your corner, taking us back to an age of knights and maidens. I feel its instilled in us, all the feminists out there are probably raging right now and they’d have a point, but this  is what I want from my VAMPIRE!

Eric Northman

Eric Northman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what have we concluded?
I wanted this blog to be all big and clever, harking back to eastern European legends, comparing great Victorian horror literature and singing its dark praises. But this blog took a life of its own, and I think you get a glimpse into my psyche.

You’ve seen my fear, first hand, of aging.

The want for every woman to embrace her inner Goddess and enjoy her.

So who’s your Vampire?

Do you love or hate them?

Completely disagree with my romanticised views? Let me know!

Thank you for all the twitter input.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to add all your thoughts and tweets, but then this would be an essay!