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Roger Moore as Bond fighting Richard Kiel as J...

Roger Moore as Bond fighting Richard Kiel as Jaws inside Atlantis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello my lovelies.

Hows you and all yours?

A few blogs ago, I was suffering with blog block, and I asked you, yes you for help! Where else do you go when you’re desperate! ;-D

Come back! im sorry!!!

The lovely @eddsnotdead replied with a quick set of questions for me to peruse and answer with my best ability, and true to my word here are my replies!

How about five questions to start you off? Take them or leave them.

Read into the questions what you will, go wild, wherever it takes you.

Hope you breach the block soon.

Jack Bauer or James Bond?

To be honest I had to remind myself who Jack Bauer was! Oh Kiefer Sutherland from 24! I didn’t catch any, no not one! The sixes had found lost and were smitten! So for me it has to be James Bond. I’m a lover of sports cars, expensive cocktails, all action men who fall out of helicopters in dinner jackets ready to switch between fantastic lover and fighting machine in 20 seconds, and yes I would giggle when I asked if that a gun in  his pocket or just pleased to see me! In another life I would have loved to been a bond girl, but no ones wants to see my tiger stripes and wobbly belly laid out waiting for Daniel Craig!! I love the movies, I like its Britishness, Roger Moore to me is the iconic Bond, but must say, I’m rather partial to Mr Daniel Craig in his swimsuits!  Any film that has an actual character named pussy galore and gets away with it, gets the thumbs up from me.


Art or science?

This is such a difficult Question. Now Without Science we would be in a lot of trouble. Medicine is my main concern here. I think I can say confidently most of us have been affected by science and its wonders, treatments for cancer, inoculations for our babies, Antibiotics, I could go on. of course I’m a big fan of technology, I cant imagine my life with out the internet. BUT a world without art, *shudders*. You know of my love of music, how one song can lift you, break you, take you back fifteen years. I’ve lost hours in Art galleries, examining brushstrokes of masterpieces. im struggling to answer,but I think my love of art and all it beholds the imagination it stirs into life, without it my life would be dull, ordinary and with out heart. So yeah Art wins!

Pie or cake?

EASY CAKE! X end off!

Tea or Coffee?

My Mr6 makes the best tea, it’s the love he puts init you see that makes it taste better than anybody elses. I love my coffee, I have quite a relationship with my gadgety coffee shop style coffee maker, no I don’t write names on the feckin cups! #rant!

If I had to give up one, it would be Coffee, Mr6 tea has healing properties im sure, I would never scorn his tea for a coffee!


Jack Nicholson or Gene Hackman?

Gene Hackman! Jack Nicholson gives me the creeps! I’ve only see clips from the shining and that was enough for me! I’m a proper wimp when it comes to Horror movies, give me a romcom or comic book hero any day!

So thankyou Ed,

I hope this gave you a little insight into my mind!

As always, thankyou for reading, hey what would you ask me? ” yes, no, maybe, 3.17725 ” if you can guess the quote you get a prize! xxx

All my love Jo x