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The original picture Grandad took.

The original picture Grandad took.

Today the most amazing thing happened, it’s not life changing, no cure for Cancer, I didn’t win an award, I was shown the sheer power of twitter and how wonderful people can really be.

It all started with a picture.

Today wasnt meant to be amazing, in fact I was a little fearful of it. Dred hit my stomach as I woke this morning. MOTHERS,BUILDING FURNITURE, FLAT PACKS, KIDS and worst of all NO INTERNET!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my Mum, but having my brood in her cosy flat whilst we build furniture can be a little frightening, cabin fever kicks in within minutes.

So we arrive and WAYHEY my phone hooks up to Mum’s internet for the first time ever! This is Fantastic! I can tweet,(not that I was getting twitchy or anything that I hadn’t tweeted in an hour, it’s not a problem, I can cope with it, I believe Zamo once said!)

So, I grab a cuppa with Mum,whilst mr6 cracks on with bed building, who am I too get in his way! Grandads old Photo albums are on the dinning table. She’d been trying to locate all the places he had visited, photographed on his many beloved Coach trips which he so treasured to partake in the 50s-70s.

Mum had been using one of grandads guide books to Great Britain to try to identify unfamiliar places. Did I recognise the place? Mr6 and I took a few guesses, it had a cathedral in the background and Being a fan of Gothic/classic architecture we have visited a few. But no real positive Id.

I have an idea (lightbulb)


They might know, someone might recognise it, although taken back in the 60s. Picture taken on my phone, a 140 character plea and I hit the post button.

BUZZ, BUZZ, oh cool a couple of tweeter have retweeted.

BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, my most retweets ever awesome.


Oh my god, twitters gone crazy with Retweets, and mentions.

Various place names get banded about, conversations start. I’m cross referencing with google, Mr6 gets involved as Canterbury is mention numerous times. But he confirms with a no, im surprised he remembers his university town, he obviously wasnt doing it right.

BUZZ,BUZZ, BUZZ…. its goes on, Real people taking time out of their day to look places up on Wikipedia, google maps cross referencing the old picture with new St views, new conversations going off on new tangents. May I point out to none tweeters, these are mostly people who don’t know me, have any vested interest in my life, just doing it out of kindness, being helpful and trying to shine a little light to brighten someones day.

Then Bingo I get a tweet from @hughmunguz (yeah made me giggle too!)

“Gloucester Cathedral. Taken from St. Oswalds ruins. The Pelican pub now at the end of those cottages, tis where I grew up.”

You can’t get better verification than that. With that more confirmed tweets come flooding in, with people still retweeting the initial post and STILL conversations buzzing around the ether, all sparked by that one post.

Then another tweet comes in, im having trouble keeping up,whilst barking at the kids, and holding bits of bed with one hand and typing with the other. I am woman , these things do come easy!

@Mulbers (again not a follower of mine, picture seen by RT, amazing in its self I think) sends me this tweet: “Gloucester cathedral, Just down the Rd from me see….” and posted a google maps image of the same st.


Again someone who lives there, fantastic. Mum is thrilled to have a positive id on Grandads picture, but more so, she was amazed at the speed of our search and its responses, where was all this coming from, what website was I using, how was I getting all the information?

Twitter, just Twitter, not some clever location website that examines old pics. Just the good will of people, real people with real busy lives, but too five minutes of their day to help you mum, to make you smile. My Grandparents are not around to tell the tale, but you twitter have filled in gaps, given Mum and I information, an insight into the lives of our Grand/parents we no longer have access to.

Then my favourite tweet of all, from @Mulbers (simply) ” and here it is today, with a picture taken today, in the exact same position my Grandad George would have stood in 40 or so years ago to take his picture, the same view image stares up from the screen before me of how that picture looks today. Amazing.@Mulbers picture of same shot 40years on

Mum is thrilled.

Someone ive never met, without motive, takes time out of their day, their walk to the shops to take that picture, sharing the power that Twitter holds . They didn’t have too, they could have ignored the tweet, but they did and I THink that’s an incredible thing. Showing that people can care just for a moment about someone elses life, making an impact and I thankyou.

See, Ive been to Gloucester with my family a few years ago, but didn’t recognise it! I was pregnant at the time and very poorly with morning sickness, moving my eyes made me vomit! But I never knew my Grand father had visited and photographed it, now I do and it feels like a complete journey now. My Grandad and I have shared a love of a place, and now delighted in the same picture, even if we didn’t have the chance to do so whilst he was still alive, and again I thank YOU TWITTER. XXXX

Heres the original tweet, 157 retweets! it unfathomable! I get a lot of stick about my love of twitter and the love of my twitter friends. Often seen as a bit of a mutual lovin.Today its shown it kindness and how many decent people are knocking around its corridors. We should take this with us and use it in our every day life. Give someone five minutes of your precious time and they will never forget you and what you did.

A fabulous twitter friend @OOK_Librarian asked did I get a response to my picture tweet, and I told him of your greatness, which in turn another great twitter buddy of mine @eddsnotdead responded with ” which proves not only that you are awesome,(blushes, but hey, who am I to argue!) but that twitter and its users are too.I couldn’t have put it better my self.

Id like to thank all those who responded to my plea, too many to mention, you are all stars x

Thankyou for taking the time to read my tale

untill the next time you inspire me

all my love as always Jo xxx

The original tweet and all its stats!!