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So how you been?

Its me Jomakessix, you remember, i used to blog about stuff, family, husband, going to the dentist!

IS it coming back now, now, the mad red-head one who rambles about twitter a lot!

YES! Thats me!

Yeah so its been a long time hasn’t it.

So Did Father Christmas bring you all you wanted? He forgot My diamonds again this year and the blank cheque book! I’ve written a letter of complaint to the head elf, expressing my concern that I really don’t know how to be any better behaved!

I think that maybe his spies are really rather good, you know 007 good, and ive been rumbled and on the never gonna get your diamonds list!!

Anyway, Christmas has been and gone, it was great to see it, and I miss its cosines but not the surrounding chaos. So it brings us to the new yr. I don’t make resolutions,  my brain can take that much disappointment three months down the line.

So what do I blog about? you know im not sure.

I still tweet rather a lot and still enjoy the company, laughs, and twitter crushes that comes with it. I’ve even asked Twitter to suggest some blog ideas and they’ve been brilliant suggestions, but my brain doesn’t seem to work as i put my fingers on the keys, nothing happens, the screen remains the same, white and staring back at me waiting. Still nothing.

I’ve started to type a few blogs, the scrap them under too rude, too personal and just plain shit!

I sometimes wonder if I should have an anonymous blog, so I can type with fluidity not having to watch what I type, not wanting to offend or cause issues! ill stop there!

So I have Blog block, do I blame our life being on s little quiet side, we’ve been out in our best undies, that was brilliant! you wont be too surprised to find out I found it quite liberating and cant wait to do it again! It’s the first time ive seen The Rocky Horror show at the theatre and what a blast! Everyone really threw themselves into the night the costumes were magnificent, ive never seen so many tiny gold hot pants in my life!

So what now?

Do i have an imaginary torrid affair, set off sail to discover my self just so I can blog about it? Probably not the best ideas ive ever had, tempting nope nope, im going to throw the baton to you.

What would you like to see me blog about?

Should I just read some books, watch some films, or would you rather throw 20 questions at me.

so over to you, answers on a postcard please! xxxxxxxx

(That is until the torrid affair or long rd trip!!!)

loads of love, cant wait to hear your ideas

Always yours Jo x x x x