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I’ve been really busy, what with the kids being off and dad being in hospital, it’s addled my brain.
Stringing two coherent sentences together has been an impossibility. Thoughts wont stick, constant distractions interrupt any idea, only to be lost into the wilderness.
So what do I do?
What did I do ?
I asked twitter !
So thanks to @eddsnotdead i have today’s blog.

Now I love my car, it’s not particularly flash, I’ve asked Mr6 for various sports cars with a resounding NO left ringing in my ears. I’m very particular with my car, wipe the widows with a cloth and watch me explode ! It leaves fecking streaks you bastard
I’d rather the kids didn’t eat in it – the lad gets away with it, as it’s the car I run him around in, in the week, don’t tell the others! They can trash the people carrier not my car !!
I even let Mr6 drive MY car ! Along as he’s really careful with him ! Yes my cars a boy !
But one rule, one thing that must be in my car is MY CDS

My car is my bubble, my personal metal pod. I try and get out alone in my car a few times a week, with no kids, distractions, just me. As you by now are probably aware, music is very important to me and driving tunes are carefully selected. They all have different moods, ambience, tempos, a cd for every mood.

So straight from my car here is my cd collection and what they mean to me.

In no particular order

Dead can dance a passage in time
Enchanting vocals, and an eclectic mix of world and medieval music. This Cd instantly transports me to far off places, ancient princesses with tales of lost loves and woes.

The Black Keys Brothers
Got into these through the twilight franchise, their deep south tones resonate through. Sit me in a bar with a cold Budweiser! Listening to these sexy vocals gives me thrills !

Kings of Leon only by the night
Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, get my drift, NO ! seeeeexxxxxxxx !

Scott Matthews passing stranger . What the night delivers
Oh Scott ! This man’s wistful vocals and melodies calm my mind my soul and stroke my cares away while he sings softly in my ear ! My heart skips beats listening to his stories.

Dylan Moran what it is live
Mr6 says Dylan is the male Me ! Grumpy, foul mouthed and fucking hate everything and everybody ! I have his scorn and fury ! ( yes really ) I’m not this nice in real life ! So yes I find his dark humour hilarious. Never fails to make me smile !

Fyfe Dangerfield Fly yellow moon
We all know of my love for Fyfe, this isn’t his best work, but it has an innocence, a purity that any singer song writer would die for. I sing along very loudly imaging he’s singing to me ! This album can lift me from any mood.

Fleet Foxes helpless blues,Fleet foxes
Floaty melodies, tales of journeys, distant friends, a very autumnal feel, takes me off to watch the leaves change as I come down from the cool mountain air. How I’d love to see these guys live, but only if they played in a forest somewhere.

Bon Iver For Emma, forever ago
Another soul soothing, and a little soul searching cd. Queasy folk music, ideal to park up and watch the waves too.

guiLLeMoTs through the windowpane,em>; Red, walk the river.
Oh God ! Where do I start !! Each album holds a special place for me. Windowpane is how I discovered them, at a very difficult time, it takes me through all emotions in one hit, I’ll cry, long for embracess, then it lifts me with an impatient “lets grab the world by it balls and tear it up”!
Red, is a very sexy album, full of unfulfilled desires, going onto reflective mood. Fyfe’s vocals on this make me shiver. I bloody love these guys. They can get you dancing like a loon, then crying in your beer ! X

My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For sweet Revenge,
The Black Parade, Danger days, the true lives of the fabulous killjoys
Now, after seeing these guys live twice now, they never fail to excite me, belt some tunes out, and make me feel a bit younger again, as sad as that sounds I don’t care. They have humour, heart and great rock tunes to let go too. Makes me wanna drop everything and gig till next week !

Type O NEgative October rust bloody kisses
Goth Doomsters ! Petes down right filthy low vocals vibrate right through me, another autumnal cd, I want to dye my hair, don a velvet cloak and walk the woods searching for that tragic love. A real awakening for me, discovered at a goth club, gave me confidence to be me.
They day Peter Steele died, I sobbed and it was only two years ago. He helped me through a lot. I was lucky enough to see them live and it will stay with me always. RIP Peter x

The Darkness Permission to land
Say what you like about them, but this album rocks, fantastic shrieking vocals, guitar solos, swearing, rock ballads. It makes me wanna be in a big mosh out in the middle of a festival flashing my boobs for the big screen so there !! X

twilight soundtracks new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn
I love the films, I love the music. A great mix, and introduced me to a lot of bands. I love how they transport me back to the excitement of the movies and make me want to go vampire hunting ! X

Muse Black holes and Revelations The Resistance
Spiralling rifs, reaching vocals. Space ships, westerns, love, revolution. These guys can take you anywhere and give determination to a failing mind.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Raising Sand
My love of country is captured by these two, from a god of rock, to story telling cowboy. A real heartbreaker.

Tori Amos little Earthquakes
A real definitive album for me. Her songs read like poetry, courage beams through, took me through my late teens. A real inspiration x

Prince Diamond and Pearls Hits 1 and 2
An important album this one. Can’t say why but it is.

Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions
Gets you belting the tunes out, puts fire in the belly a great rock great.

Jeff Buckley Grace
Jeff Jeff Jeff, haunting, beautiful, tragic, masterpiece. This cd, breaks hearts, mends them, and breaks them again. It’s just a pure love for this album. His vocals sooth, even jar sometimes, but such greatness and so tragic it was his only fully finished album.

Mediæval Babes Worlds Blysse
Wonderful floaty, chanting in middle English vocals, takes me to castles, I’m wearing floaty dresses, again in an autumnal forest ( noticing a theme here, it the red hair, it just goes so well with autumn!)

Florence and the machine Lungs
I find this a real angry album, a real fist puncher, and wonderfully wicked lyrics, watch out if I’m playing this one, I’m probably out to get you ! X

The mighty Boosh complete radio series
This radio series, never fails to make me laugh, and want to visit their dysfunctional Zoo ! Noel and Julian pull out the weird and wonderful in me. Saw them live too ! X

I want a Helichopper

George Michael ladies and gentleman
My first crush ! His smooth voice, it’s just him, me a piano in a seedy jazz club with the bar man cleaning glasses. Got it good.

chilled Ibiza/strong>;; various artist complication
I live near the beach, but still constantly crave sunsets sand, time alone walking along the shore, so with this album, I’m there.

So that’s my cd collection for MY car. Any that you have in there ? What are your driving tunes of choice? Would love to hear about yours.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Love always Jo x