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Yesterday we ran away, me and Mr6, on our own. We didn’t leave a note, and we didn’t tell anyone where we were going. We didn’t pack a lot, I fact just took cash, and make up (can’t leave the house without makeup, I fact I won’t answer the phone without a fresh application) any way I digress.
We take to the car, choose some music, chilled Ibiza if you must know as the actual sun is out, the real one, the one with heat and everything.
We embrace the mood, seek out the sea, the rhythmic waves, soft sand between our toes, sea breeze, blowing through our hair, well mine, Mr6 lost his,the careless bugger. No airplanes are need for such escapism, just a little local knowledge and within ten minutes we are sat on a little secluded cove, no kids, no adults for that matter, just us, the sea, sand and a stunning view out to sea.
I compare it to the Hiwain beaches on which Lost was filmed and to look out for the man in black, this appeals to Mr6 complete love of Lost and he seeks out some caves and announces he’s found Jacob ! Ok I’ve now lost most of you, but to us it’s fun, as we remember it’s ok to have fun !
We don’t sit and take in the calm, you see I can’t rest, ever, I find it very hard to relax. No, climbing over the rock pools and exploring, that’s more me.
I can’t resist a rock pool, harks back from childhood days spent searching for shrimps, mermaids purses, and ancient pirate gold. I never found any gold. Within minutes though, the sea slowly calms my pulse, and my mind begins to soften round the edges, and thoughts get a little hazy and less focused. This is good, though my body is active, I start to forget stresses and strains.
I found a small pebble by the first pool, it’s heart shaped. I give it o Mr6. We are really quite soppy and love this type of thing, a treasured memento of our day.
We steal a few kisses, beaches really should have a sign like those at swimming pools,
No Heavy petting fresh air makes my bloke frisky ! I remind him I’m not 17 and if he just waits till we get home, he can have an under the t shirt fumble anyways !!!
We climb across to the next cove, and slowly make our way back along the coast, still in our own little world, and holding hands. I think we forget what a lovely feeling this can be, usually are hands are filled by children’s little chubby and mucky fingers. How wonderful to have each other to our selves again, it feels a bit tingly, exciting again, ok maybe I might even let him upstairs as well as a fumble later !
We get to the car all to quick, and surrender our hands once more as we pick the children up from school. Buts it’s ok, it’s put us in a better place already, cleared a bit of Room in our befuddled brains. Most importantly it has reintroduced us, I’d forgotten Mr6 was my fella, not just the twat who forgets milk on the way home from work !
So make time people, just a little and reintroduce yourself to your partner, tell them Jo sent you !

I’d love to hear what you do on your date days.

Heres some pics of our day, thanks for reading. Yours always Jo x