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I’ve just been asked on Twitter ” How do I do it ?”

Do what ?

Look after four children .

Now with only having a 140 characters to answer, one word spang to mind TEAMWORK.

To effectively look after and parent our four children Mr6 and I have to be a team. We have to pull together, be a unit and mutually support each other every day. I suppose you could compare us to a football team, it certainly feels like it half the time. Picture, if you will, myself and Mr6 as the managers, but of a small unprofitable club of which we have to fulfill many roles. Such as, Coach, physio, accountants, first aiders, kit washers, PR managers even the team psychologist, and most importantly a referee !

We have to have a carefully considered game plan every time we leave the house as a family; who’s going where, what position in the car is the most unconfrontational, who has the first aid kit, and spare clean kit for the inevitable fall (probably deliberate) into a muddy puddle, for which I hold bloody Peppa Pig personally responsible !

Then when out on a day trip or family occasion, the coach comes out in us both. A full on pep talk on how behave ensues. ” No arguing, no fighting, be polite, smile and talk to great-aunt flo even though she scares the living bejesus out of you, don’t get too silly and please for the love of God,don’t tell the relatives how much mummy swears and tweets, yep there’s the PR manager for you !

But still MR6 and I remain solid, if one has said no to something,no matter if the other really thinks it would be ok, it’s still a NO ! This we have learnt over time, many an argument has been started when one of us has said no, then the other has said ” oh go on it will be alright, it wont hurt them, or the worst one, when a grandparent has asked to do something with the children you know the other wont agree with, that one by the way IS GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE !!!X

Ok we do get times when we think the other is perhaps being a little unreasonable, think that a bad mood/day has fogged their judgement. I know im guilty of this and so is Mr6, but we have to stand together and agree with their decision, if you don’t you are giving your children carte blanche to exploit gaps in the party line, they are crafty little buggers and it doesnt take long before they are playing you off each other. This is when the rows start and chaos begins !

Ok, when the kids have gone to bed or out of ear shot, then you may lay in to the other half for being completely unreasonable and utterly grumpy old fart, and if they side with their mother again I WILL FILE FOR DIVORCE AND BEAT Sorry I mean we will dicuss it rashionally like adults and come to a compromise !

I have a real pet hate of parenting left to just one parent, whilst the other gets to be the good guy, the kids favourite. This is unfair on the other parent and on the children it leads to disputes and unreasonable requests. So be a team, work together: it took two of you to make these babies, mind you I bet one of you came first and not together !!! ( ooh Mrs 6 outrageous ! )