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I lasted only 21 days!

So who had 21 days on at 10/1 at ladbrooks ???

I had to go back.

Like Jack Shepherd said to Kate in LOST,” We’ve made a mistake, we have to go back”

I admit I am addicted, but hey thats me !

Why did I go back, after bearing my soul, voicing my fears, and stating my concerns to you all so publicly. Because (and with the risk of sounding over dramatic) I felt lost without it, really with out THEM !. To coin a cheesy expression, I had a puzzle piece missing and I couldn’t function properly.

I know there are a lot of you out there in that their real world, who just don’t get Twitter, and I understand that, I joined about two yrs ago, but it took a year to get to grips with it. I started as most people do,  following the celebrities, then slowly started to notice normal types and would follow them too. Once you start this, its like a  dripping tap, ever so slowly at first one follower would recommend another, or you would hook onto a conversation this would lead to another follow. Then the tap speeds up and before you know it, you’re following 500+ people, and at the moment I have 207 tweeters following me.

Now on twitter there are some big players, with 2000+ followers, and I have found them to be worth their weight in gold, their follow list is going to be full on quality tweeters, and they have given advice an invaluable tips along the way !

 Since meeting these extraordinary people, they have brightened my day, made me smile, giggle, and quite a few times, they’ve made me blush, and been the best company when stuck at home alone with a toddler.

I’ve been given an unpublished novel to read ,from one tweeter who like most I now consider to be my friend. A fellow tweeter and I have discovered we have a similar ancestry and going to swap details, without twitter this would not of happened.

I was lucky and excepted back with open arms, I think quite a few understand sometimes you need a twitter break. I thought I was doing the right thing for my family, but you know what, shit goes down any way. I missed them most whilst Danny was poorly, I just wanted someone who has little if no emotional attachment in us to make me laugh, flirt with me a little and whisk me away into the best virtual pub you’ve ever been in. To take me away from the situation ,and give me words of support if that’s what at that moment was needed.

Yes I know i have a fantastic array of friends and family, who are there when In need them, but Twitter is a massive chat room of available people with no investment in you, ready to chat immediately. You can who you want to be, reveal only what you want to, and can come away with no worry of querying questions.

I’m going to try to organise and be strict with my time on twitter, it will not impede on my family life, my children will not be ignored, BUT I need this, its part of me now, the kids also need a happy mum, and if this is what makes me happy so be it. My wonderful husband is glad ive gone back, he was worried I had given up the greatest support network of other stay at home mums and dads. with the risk of sounding like Zamo from grange hill, I CAN HANDLE IT !!!!

So as I say to my lovely followers, come on in any be part of my somewhat early midlife crisis ! Warning not for kids !