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Tonight I’m not quite sure where to start ?

Its been a really busy week, I’ve had no time to post, and quite frankly neither the inclination. My week has been taken up by the lad. It’s hard to say whats been going on because we are still not sure ourselves and I really don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to us or the situation.

He has spent nearly three days in the hospital with odd symptoms which continue to baffle the consultants and us, two visits in one day to A and E, a Dr visit then another trip to A and E with him being admitted. So yep its been stressful and as always these things have a knock on effect on the whole family.

The night he was admitted, Mr6 and I should have been attending our eldest daughters first senior school parents evening, and we were gutted to have missed it, but being a parent makes you make choices. Often unfair choices and undoubtedly someone will lose out.

It upset our middle daughter she really dislikes sudden change, but thankfully wonderful grandparents stepped in and calmed the house once more.

 And again whilst in hospital with your child, come more decisions, who should stay, do you let them poke and prod your precious little one, But luckily the Drs take those decisions away from you and most of the time you follow their lead. But what when they turn to you, look to you for clues, look at you with baffled expressions. Then what ?

We look at he Drs for answers and expect them to just know with one look whats going on, and sometimes they don’t. This is not their fault, but It just made me realise how much we look to them and expect just to know. The pressure these Drs and nurses have on them is phenomenal.

So what now……

We wait and watch, as he continues to bemuse the Consultants. It’s not serious, this we have been reassured of, just odd and the words never seen it before keep cropping up. But all involved were brilliant, all worked really hard for my boy, and continue to do so. His consultant called me today to see how he was and that he had spoken to another hospital for advice. Now that to me is good service, and we knock our nhs!!

So, this is a new path as a parent, one of not knowing. But one thing I do know is that we have had the best care given to us, who continue to work for us, and we are lucky to have such a system in place.