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sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Mr6 and I will be celebrating out tenth anniversary this year of wedded bliss. (Feel free to  insert a champagne pop here) Weve been together as a couple for thirteen years and feel this is a more important time to mark with a celebration, that’s three more years then married, yeah me I’m a maths genius! In that time we have lived in five homes (two of those where temporary) and brought two, one which we now live in. Got married obviously, had four children, had seven cars ! (seven eek! some where real bangers and others we out grew) Had a dog and two cats, they had to go, another tale for another day. Been on six holidays all in the U.K, Mr6 has worked his way up the career ladder, and I have remained a stay at home mum.

We like any other couple have had ( and with fear of sounding like Steve Wright) our ups and downs, some really BIG downs and challenges we all have to face being grown ups or something. So yeah a lot of changes have taken place, but one thing has stayed constant …… The side of the bed we sleep on !

It may not seem like a major thing, but after chatting to some girlfriends, it seems we all have our bed time routines and little quirks that to most are sacred and not to be messed with by the partner without risk of being banished to the sofa!

I for one LOVE to go to bed FIRST !!! A good hour first too. The bed is cold, which I adore for some reason, I think it’s a freshness thing, no one has broken wind in it ! Its peaceful, and for the first time I the day I am alone with my thoughts. The personal space is invaluable. Like tonight Mr6 is now down stairs marking papers which will take him till midnight if he’s lucky ! I can take advantage of this time, as I can’t talk to him when he’s working, unless I like waiting 6-8 minutes for a reply!

We have always slept on the same side of the bed, he sleeps nearest the door, so when the burglars, monsters come knocking they will get him first! and I love to sleep next to the window. I’m a  creature of habit, i hate having hot feet in bed, BUT ! I never leaving them poking out from the duvet, that’s the first thing ghosts and things that go bump in the night go for !!  I still sleep with my maternity pillow, having my legs rest on it is of real benefit for my condition ( Fibromyalgia) Mr6 calls it humpf or my other man ! Nine times out of ten I go to sleep to music,  to try to relax and calm my body and thoughts, and this has to be done alone in the dark, just me and the soothing vocals of my current obsession (you know who you are!)

So you see, this time is so important to me, its rituals but more importantly the personal space, being a wife and mother leaves you very few places to go.

Now of course every now and then I will Let Mr6 come to bed with me at the same time, I’m not all cold ! A girl still likes her sexy time !

Do you have any bed time sleeping habits or rituals ? would love to hear all about them.

Well that’s me done. I have a date with a smooth enchanting male vocal to lull me to sleep. Night night Jo x x x