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Ok, Tonight I’m in bed early, it’s not been the best of days. I could have done without being refered for more scans, and having a row with Mr6. But I’m a grown up now and we have crap like this to deal with nearly every fudging day.

As you should have gathered by now, music is everything to me, and tonight is no exception. I’ve worn out my I tunes, and tonight it fills no gap, so I turn my attention to my next favourite Spotify. Now I don’t subscribe so the bloody adverts in between do make it feel like local radio, but you can’t knock the fact, that pretty much any album you want to listen to is available for your listening pleasure.

So what to listen to tonight ?

I have no Idea why, but tonight I plumped for JAMES ” Gold mother ” one track particular  ” on top of the world  (see link below)

James – Top Of The World

Its not a stand out track, no hit single, but one that means a lot to me. immediately my thoughts are dragged back over 20 years ( fuck me really 20 yrs how did this happen !) I’m lying too close to the electric fire, getting a corn beef back, possibly doing homework, I doubt it, more like day dreaming about who ever my heart belonged to at the time ( you see it’s never been mine but that again is for another time.)

I can smell the room around me, and vividly remember every detail of that room. The way the Virginia creeper grew wildly over the patio door and windows, the way when the sun shone on it, would give the room a dull red glow. How the light would reflect off the blue flowery metallic paper, Dad always insisted on having. And how the pull down light over the dinning room table (remember them?) would never stay up on its own and would frequently make me jump out of my skin, as it made its slow descent back down towards the table. How my long flowery skirt would rustle when I moved and the tiny bells at the end of the ties at the waist would tinkle quietly. The way I would wait till four am in the morning to go to bed on my own, because that was the safe time to go alone, nothing would happen to me then.

You see I spent a lot of time alone in that house. It was just me and Dad, he worked long hours, and would stay away at weekends. I had way too much time to think, brood over boys, plan my future.

The excitement this held knew no bounds, marking out my path with all my aspirations, hopes, dreams, how I alone could change the world, but as a girl in my teens it was mostly filled with wants !!

Come back to the now, sat in MY house, 22 years on, I;m not where I thought I would be, but who is ? But just from one piece of music, nostalgia kicks you in the gut, straps you into the Delorean and drops back into that moment, right then, no warning, and drags all those feelings, fears, tastes and smells and pours them into your head for you to blend up into some sort of nostalgia smoothie !!

So I dare you, pick a track and kick-start your nostalgia smoothie.