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It’s tea time as I start to write this, (no doubtedly I will finish it around midnight) but its good to get things down when there fresh.

The kids are home, tired, hungry and fighting for attention, and I have to admit sometimes it just gets a little too much to cope with. My head wants to explode as it tries to compute all the different requests and information of the day. Then comes the physical demand, if one tries to sit with you, they all do. As much as I adore them, when you have four this can be a little overbearing ! I turn into Jonny from dirty dancing

this is my space this is your space


So it’s tea time,what do you do ? You can’t escape to your bedroom, run from the house screaming, I don’t think Taylor launtner is in town, to coming bursting through my front door with a naked torso to fling me over his shoulder and take me out for dinner (yeah all right maybe a little more than dinner!!)

Ok so escape is not an option (put the phone down to social services) I retreat to the kitchen and try to block out the noise of American tween canned laughter, when I reach for my ” get out of mental institute free card ” my music! On go the speakers or I put my phone in a pint glass ( it really works !) and depending on my mood I choose my tunes.
Instantly I’m transported, from chaos to calm, or daft dance tunes to dance around the kitchen too, or some metal to vent all that pent up angst !
But it never ceases to amaze me, how one song can take you a drift to a long lost memory, or make your heart flutter with excitement as your taken a back to your first kiss or romantic stroll along the beach. It puts new life in your blood and can give you that extra little push to see you through the last part of the day.
A lot of the time the children will join in, dance around with me or if it’s calm quiet music it often rubs off onto them and they will sit and read or colour.
So my point is, when it gets a little too much at the end of the day and nerves are fraught, put on your favourite song, and let it take you somewhere you’d really like to be, but don’t burn the spuds it really doesn’t go down well with the troops ! X
Night night Jo x ps it’s now 11pm ! Told you so ! X