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Get Over It (Guillemots song)

Its dark in here, I’ve been reading a book one of my twitter friends has beautifully written, and sent to me via email to peruse at my leisure. It’s a spectacular read, he should be very proud of himself.

Whilst  I read, I’m listening to the Guillemots latest album ” hello land ” and its rather beautiful and very dream like and smokey, and I WANT TO TELL SOME ONE ABOUT IT !!!

I want to rave about this brilliant piece of written work I’ve had the privilege to delve into and lose my self in the future. I know it’s a good book , because I’m already thinking of its characters when I’m away from the words, and look forward to a little spare time to continue.

I want someone to pick up on my guillemots hash tag and start to diicuss its merits and how I’m looking forward to the nest three installments that Fyfe and co have promised this year.

I know (hopefully) some one will pick up on my post tonight and again hopefully leave a comment, but  I miss the instant interaction.

Well, goodnight sleep well, and I shall post a proper post tomorrow x Jo x