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Français : Marilyn Manson au festival de Cannes

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I’ m going to say this quickly, as I promised no more talk of Twitter. BUT ! I’ve been brainstorming ideas to entertain you with on this ere blog. My faithful writting note-book and found its way back into my hands after months of being shelved, and in it I’ve been scribing some of my favourite and best moments on Twitter. Some are just way too random and obscure to even try to put in a coherent context. Many, in fact a lot are just too rude for these early days, I feel we should invest in a bit more foreplay before we get to that stuff, we’ll keep the lights on for now !

So I’m guessing as you’re a clever bunch that you’ve guessed the topic from the title, weird crushes. I admitted rather bravely I thought, whilst the country tweeted about britain got talent, that I think Mr Simon Cowell Is a bit yummy !!! One of my loveliest tweeps Edd, said something on the lines of I had sold my soul to the devil, and had to immediately redeem my self, and he would continue to berate me if I so much as mentioned my love for Mr Cowell. After much musing over the subject, I came to the conclusion that it was his money and power as much as his looks I was attracted too. Even after my brother @cultofsuperted tried to mess with my head by saying that Mr Cowell looked like my AUNTY !

This then lead  the conversation ( as they always would)  onto more weird crushes I have, much leading to comments of ” ooh he’s one of my secret list too ” to various tweets of wretching noises ” and my favourite comment ” I knew you where weird but not this weird !”

So here for you is that list ( as close as I can remember ) of my top weird crushes;

  1. Simon Cowell : as discussed,  it’s the money and power and yeah he’s yummy !
  2. Lemmy from Motorhead : ( see now you’re doing the wretching noises ) It’s the bit of rough thing !!
  3. Toadie from Neighbours : no explanation for that one !
  4. Jack black : aren’t we girls meant to be attracted to funny men !
  5. Spencer from icarly : the  older brother in the Nickelodeon show ( ask your kids ) He’s kooky and weird just like me !
  6. Aragon from LORD OF THE RINGS: not the actor Viggo Mortensen, but the character, its big sword and leather I’m sure !!
  7. The beast from beauty and the beast : well, some blokes fancy jessica rabbit, she’s a cartoon character too !!!
  8. Noel Fielding : the mighty boosh man, especially in the kate bush get up for comic relief.
  9. Duncan Goodhew : you remember the bald swimmer fro the 80s !!!
  10. Phill Jupitus : Again with the funny thing !
  11. Marilyn Manson : He’s an amazing performer and very intellectual man … I keep telling my self this any way.
  12. Peter Steel from TYPE O NEGATIVE : another frontman from goth doom fame ! he was huge, appeared in playgirl and had a  voice tat was soo deep it vibrated glass !
  13. Fyfe Dangerfield : Now I DISPUTE this one! Whats not to fancy ?? but a lot ( especialyy Mr6 ) say he’s just a bit odd !! but I love him so there !!

So Come on Dont be shy, whats on your list ???