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Thats me back in 2010 with Fyfe Dangerfield thats when it all started.

 I’ve been sat at the laptop tonight working out where this blog should take me next.

So I’ve decided to start with talking about ME !

If we are to be friends, you should know a little about me right? So what do you want to know? As this is not an instant messenger or Twitter (insert twitch here) I’m going to have to try to second guess what I think you would like to know, and to be honest, only what I’m prepared to let you know. The skeletons in my closet are quite comfy thankyou.

So basics first.

  1. I’m female: you got that right from the avatar, which is as current as october last yr.taken at a gig with my niece.
  2. mid thirties : wishing I was 20 again, mentally I never left.
  3. Married : Engaged three times, at 17  to my first love, then at 21 to the archetypal long haired biker rebel type I thought I wanted, then at 22 (yes I know short gap) to my husband, there’s a tryst in there somewhere, but not sure its ready for an airing yet!
  4. Four children : I had my first daughter at 22 (yes I know same age as above!) I had Number two Daughter at 26, number three daughter at 29, and finally number one son at 33.
  5. I’m a stay at home mum : It’s the best and the worst.
  6. I’m ginger : but again you got that from the Avi right !
  7. I LOVE MY MUSIC : MOSTLY ROCK FOUNDATIONS,NIN, TYPE O NEGATIVE, ETC ETC but my tastes are about as eclectic as they come. Which leads us to;
  8. I’m obsessed with, FYFE DANGERFIELD and his band THE GUILLEMOTS: NOT ROCK I know, but this guy, his voice, lyrics, melodies, leave me in a teen like state, idolising his every move.
  9. I’ve met Fyfe dangerfield twice: he broke my heart twice.
  10. I have tattoos : 4 to be exact
  11. I’ve been pierced a few times: but never there !
  12. I’ve never flown: meh !
  13. I fall in love easily: Mr6 knows this and it’s always band frontmen !
  14. Film scores are a passion : I fall asleep to them, cry to them, they excite me and I think I should come with my own score because It would be epic.
  15. I’ve had eating disorders : yeah not ready for that one yet.
  16. I live with a condition called Fibromyalgia : It sucks, what people can’t see doesnt hurt them.
  17. I swear too much : feckin do !
  18. I want to be an artist, writer, singer, film star, racing driver, groupie, work in a fetish shop, band manager, married to fyfe Dangerfield, scott Mathews, and Taylor launtner, yes all at the same time!
  19. I can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up.
  20. I want to take a rd trip across America: IN a muscle car, or vintage sports.
  21. I get obsessed about films and will watch them over and over.
  22. I get obsessed A LOT : YOU’VE GOT THAT RIGHT!
  23. I miss twitter :
  24. I’M a flirt: see twitter !
  25. I’VE been featured on Lauren Laverns 6 music feature mix tapes: with a tape Mr 6 made for me when we started dating
  26. I love seeing live bands: best gigs , NIN, TORI AMOS,  WHITE STRIPES TYPE O NEGATIVE, SCOTT MATTHEWS, and drum roll….. FYFE DANGERFIELD, THE GUILLEMOTS.
  27. I have two big brothers: I have youngest child syndrome.
  28. I once stayed in a Convent: With nuns and everything
  29. I LOVE MY HUSBAND AND CHILDREN WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING AND THEY ARE MY WORLD: But they know IF Fyfe came a knocking ……..! x ( see that obsessed !)
  30. Sexytime is awesome: !!!!!!!!!

So what do you think? Am I a keeper ? ! I hope this answered a few of your questions, and maybe made you want to ask me some !

As always I would love to hear back from you, tell me a little about yourself.

I would just like to say thanks to OOK LIBRARIAN, cause if I hadn’t read his thought of the day, this post would still be a blank page. ( theres a link to his blog on my home page, try as i might I cant get it to link to here, still learning!)

Night all x x x x JO X X X