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Just a quick post tonight. It’s midnight, I’m tired.

Apart for the obligatory check on the blog (it’s ok I’ve got it under control!) and thanks for all the positive comments 🙂 ! I’ve left my phone alone.

It’s been quiet, really quiet.

I took the lad to playgroup, came back to wet washing to carry on with, then the sit down. The moment when I would get a cuppa and reach for my phone.
Yes I checked the blog, added a few widgets and sourced some new books to sit and collect dust as I endeavour to read.

Then I put my phone away.

You have my permission to laugh, I then sat and picked up some cross stitching the middle daughter is doing for homework.
I’m “helping” her finish it !
It was lovely, the rain coming down outside, the lad sat next to me reading books, it looked and was idyllic.

Today is day five, and I miss twitter terribly, and I’m fully aware, my blog is my rebound shag ! It doesn’t last as long, and less people are involved, but at least on here I can remember all your names !

Night all X Jo