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When I told my husband I had deleted my Twitter account, I could have not predicted his reaction and the amount of concern he expressed.

We where on our way to a 40th birthday party in our car. I wasnt brave enough to tell him in the day with the kids around. I don’t know why I couldn’t, I wasnt announcing a death or plans for divorce, just the departure of a social network site.

He asked, was it something he had said or done? (this is typical him thinking its his fault.) I explained all my reasons as I have to you, and expressed my fear on the impact it was having on the family, and how I felt addicted to it. He listened, but then went quiet, looked pensive, and uttered words I didn’t think I’d hear….

“I think you’ve made a mistake !”

“Are you sure? What about all your friends? the company? its your life, wont you be lonely without them ?????”

But if your sure, I’ll back your decision.”

WOW ! I wasnt expecting that, please don’t put doubt in my mind. I made the decision for us as a family. When I posted my blog on leaving twitter, I received text messages from concerned friends ! Was I O.K ? Had something bad happened ?

The concern really shocked me. My friends had always joked about my love for twitter, and would ridicule me at get together’s as I obediently answered my phones beeps. With comments of ” oh there she goes, talking to her twitter mates, don’t worry about us !” I thought they would be relieved not concerned for me !!

My kids are running a bet on how long I last with my husband.they’ve only given me a week before they think I’ll go crawling back.

Can you go BACK ?

The husband keeps quoting LOST at me “ we’ve made a mistake,lock was right, we’ve got to go back “

Still I stick with my decision, the little doubting voices can just pipe down for now. I’m very surprised by my families reaction, and should have consulted them first perhaps. but then I WOULD OF NEVER HAVE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, I HAD TO MAKE IT ON MY OWN.

Have you ever left Twitter ? Have you gone back ? or Glad you stuck with your decision? I would love to hear your stories x x