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Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6×6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

Yesterday, I took the hard decision to leave Twitter. It Baffles me why leaving a social networking site should be a tough decision ? When fellow followers asked why, the reasons where easy enough to explain, it was taking up all my time, I hadn’t read a book for a year. I didn’t like the way I would get narky with the children, if they interrupted my train of thought whilst I was tweeting. I’ve not written a word of that book that everyone has inside them, or lost a few hours drawing.

But, what bothered me the most was the fact that my every thought in the day and night was about twitter! I thought in tweets, would phrase things in my head as a post, had a complete running dialogue in my head as I carefully planned my next tweet. I was dreaming about people I have never met, I thought about my followers every waking moment, and was often found thinking about what was happening in their daily lives more than my own family and friends. I tweeted last thing at night, and slept with my phone under my pillow, and it was the first thing I reached for in the morning, to check mentions and latest tweets, even before saying good morning and kissing my husband.

I  tried many times to just ignore my phone, when its sexy little beeps would let me know I was wanted. My heart would race, I was distracted and not matter what was going on, I had to know !!! And the release and satisfaction on feeling my phone in my hand and seeing my name pop up was immense, nearly gratifying ,a fix !

Thats when I realised…. I WAS ADDICTED ! Twitter was a drug that I couldn’t get enough of, and would go out of my way to find a minute to get a fix !

Dont get me wrong, I think Twitter is an amazing place. I’ve seen news stories break, been a party to fathers tweeting their wives births. Watched friendships bond, and witnessed a few feuds. I met some very interesting people, that perhaps in the real world our social circles would have never collided. The best thing for me was friendship. I made some great people who I think now I can call them friends.

Twitter enables you to socialise, when perhaps the opportunity at home doesn’t present its self. The STAY AT HOME MUMS AND DADS  where the best company in the day. you could joke, swear, flirt a little, moan your socks off about the kids and someone would tweet you straight back and so the conversation commences.

So why am I leaving ? I miss them already, miss the tweets about music, films and being outrageously flirted with.

I had too, thinking about one thing, letting it control your thoughts and mood are not a good thing in my book.

I cried as I announced my departure. I cried more when the most lovely tweets came in, saying how much I would be missed, what fun I had been. in a way it was a bit like attending your own funeral, and I didn’t like it ! x These people had been the best friends and now I was dumping them.

you might say, just use twitter lightly, ive tried and I can’t and frankly i don’t think it works that way. Twitter was like a full-time job, and my family lost out.

So I’ve created this blog instead, hoping to focus my energy into just one or two posts a week,without the constant ding of my phone to suck me in ! no doubt this will slowly suck me in to, but hey whats life without an ADDICTION !

Thanks for taking the time to read x